Life on the fresh coast

March 7, 2019 6:36 am Written by

By Luis Valls-Amabile

After 18 months of being in business, we’re finally starting our Life on the Fresh Coast blog & community page. We definitely should’ve started one earlier, but I guess a combination of building a brand-new business from scratch, surviving the early days, watching it grow way faster than we expected, and wondering if anybody actually cared to hear what we had to say played factors.

So why now? Back when the shop was just a crazy idea that we had after [one too many poke bowls] on Hawaii’s Big Island, one thing we always talked about was making Fresh Coast something that looked, felt and tasted different than anywhere else. We wanted the shop to transcend just a restaurant. We wanted to create a lifestyle & a community around it. One thing is dreaming and imagining that, but it’s been a truly humbling experience to actually see it come to fruition. We’re so grateful for every customer that puts up with the long lines, crazy Northeast weather and lack of parking to fill our shop up every day. One thing that continues to shock us (especially me), is that people genuinely care about what we have to say and the stories that we have to share. So our aim for this page is for it to become another place to connect with you guys and keep you up to date on what’s happening at Fresh Coast, from more about our story and what Fresh Coast means to us, to exciting announcements, news on new menu items and everything else Fresh Coast. We’ll feature cameos from some of your favorite Fresh Coast ‘bowltenders’ and what their favorite combinations and items are and as always, open it up to you guys and the content that you want to see and read!

Thanks for being a part of this crazy ride with us and we promise there’s more to come.

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